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Cool is the harmonious blend of taste and elegance, strategic sense and marketing insight, and depth and simplicity, embodying an effortless yet effective approach to life, business, and environmental stewardship.


The coolest thing about us is that we dare bring together notions that are normally seen as apart, and even opposite: simplicity and depth; creativity and effectiveness; lived experience and skill; funny and profound; and rigorous and light-hearted.

Our Services


Our advertising offering is through-the-line and includes digital. Our creative approach is based on the principle that brand’s voice should come out louder than ours.

Marketing Strategy

This is always based on a deep dive into the consumer and competitive landscapes. We learn from valid trends, but shy away from following fads. Our strategic article of faith is that a good strategy ought to be designed, first and foremost, to set you apart.


We take an integrated approach to eventing, always striving to embed an event within the branding process. A good event, we believe, must be based on a well thought idea that enhances the power and presence of your brand.

Graphic & Web Design

Good design not only directs the eye; it moves hearts and changes minds. Whether it’s a logo, packaging, and a well-presented website you’re looking for, we offer you design that goes beyond the obvious.

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We’re ready when you are. Try the Cool Way and get into an alliance of greatness with us. Drop us a line on info@allianceofcool.co.za or call us on 083 634 0509 (Wilson) or 066 406 6161 (Kabelo). You can also find us on Instagram and FaceBook.

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